Patient with cerebral palsy

BC Medical Malpractice Lawyers & Personal Injury Legal Information

Patients suspecting malpractice have a right to know the full truth of what caused their injury. This right is denied to them in British Columbia under Section 51 of the B.C. Evidence Act — unless a medical negligence lawyer is hired.

Medical and motor vehicle insurers may go to great lengths to avoid providing fair compensation to people injured through no fault of their own. Legal representation is essential to recovering the full amount of your losses.

Campbell, Renaud Trial Lawyers understands the early apprehension faced by sufferers of medical and vehicular negligence, who initially may feel they have little to no knowledge of the legal process. As a result, clients are empowered by being kept informed each step of the way. 

Over the years our Metro Vancouver law firm has developed communications strategies which allow the lawyers to explain otherwise complicated cases to our clients and the court. Our medical malpractice lawyers are regarded within the legal community to be at the cutting edge of personal injury litigation in Canada, notably with respect to cases of negligence causing cerebral palsy.

The right representation can give you the informational and financial resources to reclaim your life. Get in touch with a lawyer today.