Cerebral Palsy Causes: Delivery Complications and Errors

When complications arise during a difficult birth, interventions must be done swiftly and accurately to ensure that both mother and child are safe. Most medical teams comprise professionals who consistently meet or exceed high standards of care. Sometimes, however, it is the failure of medical teams to act appropriately that is the cause of delivery complications and errors that lead to cerebral palsy.

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Signs Of Delivery Complications

A birth should be a happy occasion. For parents of children with birth injuries, a delivery is still cause to enjoy a new life that enters the family. However, the shock and stress of witnessing medical personnel employing emergency measures to deliver or perhaps resuscitate a child can be very alarming for new parents. Among the signs that a delivery has proved more difficult than normal are:

  • Use of forceps or vacuum delivery
  • Emergency caesarian section
  • Specialists called in to provide care

Some signs of delivery complications will arise following the birth, such as seizures. For new parents wanting to get on with the everyday business of raising a child, these signs of illness are distressing.

After a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a family’s focus is on adjusting to the new reality and creating a social and educational environment that proves positive for their child’s growth and development. While medical services through child development centres are accessible and recommended, many important aspects of care are not funded for by government. Parents deserve to have the financial resources they need to give their child a full and enriched life.