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Cerebral Palsy Causes: Difficult Delivery and Birth

Childbirth is often stressful, and for first-time parents in particular, it can be difficult to know what is normal and what is not. Mothers and families rely on medical staff to guide them through the process of delivery, and they must trust that doctors and nurses will intervene appropriately when it is necessary to care for the life of the infant.

Oxygen deprivation during delivery is one potential cause of cerebral palsy. Oxygen deprivation can be the result of many causes, including difficulty of the child coming through the birth canal. Other risk factors during birth can contribute to an eventual cerebral palsy diagnosis, including low birth weight, premature birth, breech birth, and multiple births.

Campbell, Renaud Trial Lawyers was established as a personal injury law firm in 1994. Over time, our lawyers have helped many people who have bravely faced their futures in the wake of injury to themselves or to their loved ones. Through our interactions with clients and our personal involvement with the cerebral palsy community, we have come to focus our practice largely on helping families of children living with the effects of birth injury. 

When You Know Your Child Is Hurt

For many families, the diagnosis of birth injury will come before discharge from the hospital. Others will learn of their child’s condition only as he or she ages and fails to meet certain developmental markers. Most parents of children with cerebral palsy have a definitive diagnosis by age 3.

Upon learning of your child’s diagnosis, you will understandably be concerned about his or her prognosis for the long term. These are difficult questions to ask doctors, and there are no simple answers. All parents deserve to have full and complete information about their child’s health and to know how the condition originated.

Legal Information For CP Families In Western Canada

At our Burnaby, British Columbia, law firm, we are sensitive to the needs of CP families and their desire to build a positive future for their children. This is a basic wish shared by all parents. For those raising children with extensive medical needs, however, the financial strain of funding rehabilitative therapy and assistive devices, as well as the time to be a present caregiver to a child, can be overwhelming.

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