cerebral palsy causes

Cerebral Palsy Causes: Errors in Hospital Special Care Nursery

Shortly after a child is born, and in particular after a difficult birth, specialized medical teams may be employed to care for the newborn infant in an effort to make his or her start in life as healthy as possible. While the care provided by special care teams is usually extraordinary, sometimes the care provided is inadequate to prevent long-term injury to children. Knowing the workings of the special care nursery is important to assessing the standard of care.

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Handling Frail Newborn Infants

The staff at the special care nursery includes designated pediatricians and pediatric nurses who have specific training in emergency situations, including resuscitation of frail children who have stopped breathing during delivery. While in the nursery, the medical teams are trained to manage and treat the symptoms of vulnerable newborns.

Human error sometimes occurs, and special care teams can miss vital signs indicating the necessity for intervention. Unfortunately, it is children and their families who sometimes bear the brunt of these mistakes.

Campbell, Renaud Trial Lawyers is committed to helping families of children with cerebral palsy learn more about what happened and whether the child’s injury could have been prevented. In addition to helping families provide a better future for their loved ones, holding medical teams up to close scrutiny can go a long way towards ensuring standards of care are met for other families in similar circumstances.