BC Child Development Centers and Cerebral Palsy

When your child fails to meet specific developmental markers, your physician may recommend further testing to arrive at a diagnosis. Many parents in British Columbia are first sent to Sunny Hill Health Center at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver for assessment. Once a diagnosis of cerebral palsy is made, children attend child development centers across the province. These child development centers are important to children with cerebral palsy and their families, both for therapeutic value and interaction with other members of the CP community.

Many families also contact the Cerebral Palsy Association of British Columbia to learn more about their child’s diagnosis. In fact, the Cerebral Palsy Association annually receives over 600 inquiries from throughout BC about living with cerebral palsy. The team at Campbell, Renaud Trial Lawyers has supported the CPABC since the early 2000s, as well as several disability advocacy and child development groups throughout the province.

Taking Steps To Better The Lives Of Your Family Members

When members of the CP community choose to investigate the cause of their child’s condition, it may be with some trepidation. Some parents may be reluctant to investigate the possibility of birth injury, for fear of jeopardizing their child’s care.

In fact, the advocacy of parents does not lead to a reduction in services. Many times access to services is improved. In addition, doctors and medical professionals have an ethical obligation to treat patients with the highest possible level of personal care. Not-for-profit organizations that provide necessary equipment to CP families do not withdraw that support because parents start asking questions.

Looking At The Roles Of Medical Professionals

At Campbell, Renaud, we have spent many years helping families of children with cerebral palsy secure a positive future. We are proud to be longtime members of the cerebral palsy community and to be advocates for people living with disabilities. Part of our promise to families is that once we become your lawyers, we will take specific steps to discover what happened to cause your child’s condition.

From there, we will access the support you require, which can include housing, rehabilitation, accessibility equipment, and time to spend with your child. We will help you find the right child development center and cerebral palsy support systems for your child’s unique needs.