Real stories of medical malpractice in BC

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The channel features past Campbell, Renaud clients, who suffered birth injury (causing cerebral palsy), surgical and orthopedic medical malpractice in hospitals and clinics in the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Birth Injury and Cerebral Palsy

A woman in labour arrived at a Fraser Valley hospital after a health pregnancy. She had no reason to think her baby would be profoundly disabled. Her daughter was born with spastic, quadriplegic cerebral palsy because of asphyxia during labour and delivery.

She had a feeling she wasn’t monitored properly, but it was not until she contacted a lawyer that she got answers. According to the medical experts and records, her infant’s cerebral palsy was entirely preventable and caused by the failure to detect oxygen deprivation during labour and delivery.

Watch the video: Peace of Mind – Story of a Girl with Cerebral Palsy

Surgical and Orthopedic Medical Malpractice

Two men underwent botched orthopedic surgeries for different causes at separate Metro Vancouver hospitals. The common factor: they had the same orthopedic surgeon.

The surgeon operated on both men in unsanitary conditions, re-opening wounds and violating Fraser Health Authority guidelines. Their lawyer demonstrated that the surgeon’s negligence caused the patients’ initially treatable athletic injuries (a torn Achilles and a ruptured bicep) to become permanent disabilities.

Watch the video: Separate Stories, Same Surgeon

Their injuries, caused by the negligence of others, turned their lives upside down. By retaining the lawyers at Campbell, Renaud, the clients were able to obtain the financial compensation they deserved.

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