Motor Vehicle and Medical Malpractice Cases

One of the best motor vehicle lawyers in BC is Michael Maryn of Maryn & Associates in Port Moody. He explains the difference between responsibility and accountability as follows:

When a boy puts a ball through your window and appears on your doorstep to say he’s sorry, he is taking responsibility.

When that same boy then says that to make up for the cost of the window he will cut your lawn for a month, he is being accountable.

Often times people who cause injury do not take responsibility and/or agree to be completely accountable. In these cases the law must be engaged to see that justice is done.

Accordingly, the concepts of responsibility and accountability are essential to understanding a personal injury lawsuit.

When your lawyer sets out to prove liability in your case, he is establishing legal responsibility on the part of the defendant in your case. He is proving that the defendant has failed to be careful and that this caused your injury.

When your lawyer sets out to prove damages, he is establishing the extent to which the negligent party must be held accountable for losses flowing from your injury.

In upcoming blogs, we will see how these concepts are applied in motor vehicle and medical malpractice cases and how such cases differ.

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