ICBC Complex Chronic Pain Case

Chanan came to Campbell, Renaud Trial Lawyers after she had started her case at another firm.

She had been a passenger in what ICBC referred to as a “low velocity impact” collision. As in Chanan’s case, often the magnitude of a crash cannot accurately predict the severity of pain caused to the individual.

“It was pain that was developing and it was getting worse instead of getting better. It was slowly moving into towards the upper portion of my body. So there was more to this pain than what somebody would consider a normal pain that you would get from a low velocity impact.”

Chanan developed a complex chronic pain condition, one not proven by simple blood tests or x-rays. As a result, she felt it was difficult for her previous lawyer to bring the case to ICBC.

“The representation that I was getting from the legal side was not helping me. It was more like you were another number…at that point I was very frustrated and needed to find some kind of help, and that’s when I met Don.”

Lawyer Don Renaud located the appropriate medical experts to investigate Chanan’s condition. It turned out her injuries had been significantly misunderstood, largely because she had not been treated as an individual.

In the end, the team at Campbell, Renaud was able to produce a comprehensive medical explanation for her pain and suffering, resulting in a very favourable settlement with ICBC.


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Not Just A Number
Not Just A Number

Lawyer Don Renaud produced a comprehensive medical explanation for a chronic pain condition, resulting in major ICBC settlement for his injured client.