Surgical and Orthopedic Medical Malpractice Cases

The first story begins in the cast room of a Vancouver Lower Mainland hospital.

Our client had torn his Achilles tendon in a racquetball match. When he went to the emergency room for a specialist consultation, the orthopedic surgeon informed him that the surgery would be done there and then—in the cast room.

“I figured [the surgeon’s] a professional. He must know what he’s doing, right?”

The surgery was performed in unsanitary conditions using just a local anesthetic. The surgeon did not wear gloves or a mask. He also asked our client’s brother, who was in his dirty work clothes, if he wanted to stay in the cast room and watch the procedure. Our client was sent home without antibiotics.

When the leg became infected, he returned to the specialist for a series of mini surgeries—cutting away any dead, infected tissue—creating a bigger, deeper wound until you could see the Achilles tendon moving back and forward. After the forth debridement, our client thought he would end up losing his leg if he didn’t see another specialist.

The second client injured his bicep at the gym. The muscle had separately fully from the elbow and he was referred to an orthopedic surgeon at the local hospital in the Fraser Valley.

During the operation the specialist struck the radial nerve, causing the arm to shut down.

The muscle became detached again shortly after the surgery. So our client returned to the specialist and underwent another procedure. Again it detached.

When he visited the orthopedic surgeon a second time, the specialist insisted on removing the stitches—which had only been in for about a week—immediately in the cast room. Sure enough, the wound opened right up and was stitched together in the unsanitary cast clinic.

“You trust that the specialist is just that, right. I didn’t even question anything. I mean there were certain things that happened that I thought ‘that seems odd,’ but again that’s not my profession.”

Our client sought medical attention elsewhere. His new orthopedic team restored function to the bicep tendon but disabilities to the left arm, caused by the original doctor’s negligence, were permanent.

Both of these clients faced financial disaster as the medical malpractice had robbed them of their livelihoods. The lawyers at Campbell, Renaud conducted prompt and thorough investigations. They undertook representation of these clients and achieved substantial out of court settlements shortly before scheduled trials. These settlements secured the financial future of both clients.


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Separate Stories, Same Surgeon
Separate Stories, Same Surgeon

“I figured [the surgeon’s] a professional. He must know what he’s doing, right?” Two patients represented by BC medical malpractice lawyer Don Renaud. Both men were permanently injured due to orthopedic negligence by the same surgeon.