Don Renaud in The Province Newspaper

BC needs law for wrongful death: Lawyer

“I often have to tell survivors: ‘Sorry, there’s nothing I can do for you. The law regarding your loved one says their life was valueless’.” — Don Renaud, Burnaby personal injury lawyer

Lawyer Don Renaud spoke to The Province’s Kent Spencer about the lack of recourse for families of people killed by wrongful death in British Columbia. He is lobbying for a Wrongful Death Act in BC which would extend financial compensation for the death of a child, the elderly and the disabled. No compensation can be claimed for pain and suffering, only damages if the deceased had an income and cared for dependents. Renaud started the Wrongful Death Law Reform Group after seeing families break up and people lose their jobs while trying to deal with the stress of a wrongful death. The proposed changes to the law would include proper assessment of the circumstances of each case, accountability for grief, and justice for surviving family members.

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