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Compensation in wrongful death cases remains inadequate

“If the public was aware the state of the law is as bad as it is, there would be a change.” — Don Renaud, Burnaby personal injury lawyer quoted in the Vancouver Sun

In an interview with the Vancouver Sun’s Ian Mulgrew, Don Renaud explains how while dependents can bring an action for loss of income and support, there is a big legal hole in B.C. if a child, or an elderly or severely disabled person—someone without dependents—is killed. The public is overwhelmingly unaware that the lives of such individuals are financially worthless under BC law. There is also a prevailing presumption that millions of dollars can be given for non-pecuniary (or “pain and suffering”) damages. In actual fact, a jury can award a catastrophically injured person a certain sum for pain and suffering. However, the most a reward for pain and suffering is about $350,000 due to court-imposed caps.

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