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Doctor, nurse fail in appeal over brain damaged baby

“A doctor and nurse at Surrey Memorial Hospital found negligent in the delivery of a baby who suffered profound cerebral palsy have had their appeal rejected by the BC Court of Appeal.” — Gerry Bellett, Vancouver Sun journalist

BC Court of Appeal upheld the medical malpractice verdict against Dr. Jodi Lock O’Brien and nurse Charito Hermogenes (Surrey Memorial Hospital) in the delivery of Mirella Rochelle Steinebach. Campbell, Renaud Trial Lawyers represented the plaintiff, Mirella (litigation guardian: May Jean Steinebach). Her injuries sustained around the time of birth led to severe, permanent brain damage manifested as spastic, quadriplegic cerebral palsy. BC Supreme Court Justice Ian Pitfield found her injuries were directly caused by medical negligence. Don Renaud and Ian Campbell secured a multi-million dollar verdict for the Steinebach family, one of only a handful of cerebral palsy malpractice trials to have taken place in BC to date.

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