Wrongful Death Protest in Vancouver

Group urges medical malpractice law change

“Everybody has the right to sue for malpractice, but B.C.’s legislation prevents awards for damages when a ‘bread-winner’ hasn’t died.” — Don Renaud, Burnaby personal injury lawyer, quoted in the Vancouver Sun

The Wrongful Death Law Reform Group demonstrated on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery to press for the repeal of the BC Family Compensation Act. The current law in British Columbia prevents damages from being awarded for the wrongful death of a dependent or retiree, discriminating against children, the elderly, and the severely disabled. The group includes members of disability communities, lawyers, political activists, and about 50 families who have lost loved ones due to medical malpractice. Lawyer Don Renaud, a founding member of the group, spoke to the Vancouver Sun about the need for legislative reform.

For more information on the BC Wrongful Death Law Reform Society: http://intheirname.ca

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